Allies and Partners

How to become a Veteran Ally

1) Have staff from your unit complete veterans cultural competency training.  Veterans cultural competency training is a 90 minute program for staff and student staff on how to work with veterans and why it is important to work with veterans.  If you would like to schedule a training contact Odessa Burkett

2) Have content and programming directed towards veteran students. Our VETS Peer mentors will be happy to assist.  

3) Outreach to veteran students, attend our events, subscribe to our newsletter, and provide support to the program as we provide support to our veterans.

Here are some of the current Veteran Allies:
    DRC      stars
Table that has displays the current list of Veteran allies
 Cabrillo College  UCSC Retireees Association  S.T.A.R.S.
   The Smith Renaissance Society  UCSC CARE   Disability Resource Center
   Study Abroad McHenry Library