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Cultivamos Excelencia

The principal goal of Cultivamos Excelencia is to motivate and retain Latinx and other historically underserved students to complete a degree at UC Santa Cruz.  By working together with San Jose City College, we incorporate academic coursework, mentoring, transfer advising, and participation in undergraduate research.


Underground Scholars

The Santa Cruz Underground Scholars supports building a prison-to-school pipeline through recruitment, retention, and advocacy. By creating a pathway for formerly incarcerated and system impacted individuals into higher education, we directly challenge the stigmas associated with our community. By supporting a prison-to-school pipeline, the Santa Cruz Underground Scholars Program cultivates a healthy community and pathway for formerly incarcerated and system impacted people to thrive in higher education.


Veterans Resource Center

UCSC VETS provides support to all who have served or been affiliated with the military through their educational journey. Our staff and students educate, advocate, and engage the campus and community, valuing social responsibility and the sacrifice of all who have served.


Renaissance Scholars

Building on the knowledge and resiliency of students and staff, we work collectively to support students who have been system impacted and or experienced separation or estrangement from family networks.  The common thread among our community is strength in navigating significant hardships. Our community includes students who have had experiences with incarceration, deportation, or foster care systems. We also assist those who have experienced any of the following: homelessness, violence or neglect in their homes, parents or guardians with severe mental illness or substance abuse, or those who have been pushed out of their homes due to their gender identity or sexual orientation. 


Student Parents

Welcome parenting students! STARRS is here to support you with whatever it is you might need assistance with, be it resources, referrals, or support.  We try to work with a variety of different on campus and off campus resources, to try to ensure that you and your families are as supported as you can be throughout your time here.


Reentry Students

Reentry students are defined as undergraduates twenty-five years and older, graduate students twenty-nine and over, students who have had a substantial break in their formal education, military veterans, and student parents regardless of age. Our reentry programs provide robust scholarship opportunities and social gatherings.