Mission Statement

STARS provides culturally responsive support to transfer, re-entry, veteran students, as well as students who do not have traditional family support due to experiences in the foster care system, with homelessness, abuse, parents who have been incarcerated, or other factors impacting their family life. We are comprised of professional staff members, peer advisers and mentors who are readily accessible to guide students on their academic journeys from pre-admission through their transition to UCSC, all the way to graduation and beyond.  STARS staff provide holistic and humanizing counseling by acknowledging the lived experiences of students.  We consider the social, political, economic, environmental and historical contexts impacting a student’s experience. We guide students to see learning as a growth process, through which we encounter the unknown, move through fear and uncertainty, and circle in one’s authentic self. We offer programs and activities that create a sense of belonging and invite students to be a part of our community. STARS staff embrace and develop connections and cooperative relationships with colleagues and community partners to create a meaningful and personalized network of support for our students.  We foster critical reflection and action among students and staff.  We value self-care, healing, and transformation for our students and ourselves.

Transfer students are defined as someone who has completed college courses prior to coming to UC Santa Cruz and generally do not enter the University as a freshman. 

Feel free to contact us at starpeer@ucsc.edu or ucscstar@ucsc.edu