STARRS staff embrace and develop connections and cooperative relationships with colleagues and community partners to create a meaningful and personalized network of suport for our students. We foster critical reflection and action among students and staff. We value self-care, healing, and transformation for our students and ourselves.



Peer Counselors are continuing Transfer and Re-entry students who assist through advising and counseling, computer consulting and administrative support services.

Peer Counselors are available during the academic year in the STARRS Student Center (Bay Tree Campus Store, 2nd Floor) and via email at


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    Sara A. Radoff

    Director, Services for Transfer Re-entry and Resilient Scholars.

    My passion in life is working to transform educational policies and practices to make them more socially just. My core values include developing caring relationships with students, colleagues, and friends, seeking out opportunities for collaboration and connection, and unapologetically challenging systems of oppression. I am dedicated to serving students and supporting their success. Prior to joining STARRS, I  served as the Academic Preceptor at Oakes College. Before that, I worked in international education and community development work. I received a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Montana, and a M.A. from the University of British Columbia, specializing in Society, Culture, and Politics in Education.

    Contact Me:
    Phone: 831-459-4968
    Office Location: Bay Tree, 2nd Floor. Office 214

  • Jannet

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    Jannet Ceja

    STARRS Program Coordinator

    My name is Jannet Ceja (she/her pronouns) and I am a Program Coordinator here at STARRS.  I was born and raised in Salinas, California. I transferred here to UCSC from Hartnell College in 2011 and then graduated in 2013 with a B.A. in Politics.  As a student here, I was a peer adviser for the STARRS program.  I loved the work that was being done, so I decided to work for STARRS after I graduated, as a way to give back to the transfer community that I was a part of. I love working with STARRS because I meet incredible people on the daily, and I am able to assist them with their educational journey.  I am here to offer support, a helping hand, as well as an ear to listen. I look forward to meeting you!

    Contact Me:
    Phone: 831-459-2552
    Office Location: Bay Tree, 2nd Floor. Office 208

  • Elizabeth

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    Elizabeth Moya

    Renaissance Scholars Associate Director

    I am a UCSC alumnus, majored in Sociology and Legal Studies and attended San José State University for my Masters in Social Work. In my current role as the Renaissance Scholars Associate Director, I provide various academic, social, and personal coaching services to support students who have experienced separation or estrangement from family networks. The common thread among our community is resiliency and strength in navigating significant hardships. Our community includes former or current foster youth, orphans, or wards of the court. We also assist those who have experienced any of the following while growing up: homelessness prior to turning 18 years old and who have been formerly or system impacted. Most of my passions come from my personal background and me being an alumni of the Renaissance Scholars Program. I come from personal struggles, abuse, violence, homelessness, and trauma. I share my story with other students and youth to give hope that dreams are meant to come true with patience and guidance. I had inspiring mentors in my life to help me get to the point where I am at today. I only wish to walk alongside students to offer my support to be that one positive mentor or coach in their life. I am a true believer in advocacy and personal growth. I encourage and motivate students to reach their full potential while listening, guiding, and being patient with students. I relate to students and can build a positive professional relationship to help students feel they belong to a community of trusting individuals.
    I am also a mother to my beautiful son and we enjoy spending time outside, watching funny movies and camping! 
    Contact Me:
    Phone: 831-459-4819
    Office Location: Bay Tree, 2nd Floor. Office 212

  • Vivianna

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    Vivianna Alvarez, M.Ed

    Associate Director of Transfer Partnerships

    Greetings! My name is Vivianna Alvarez, my pronouns are they/them/their, and I joined the STARRS community in August 2019. Although I now call San Jose home, I was born and raised in Houston, TX, earned my B.A from Hampshire College in Massachusetts and my M.Ed at the University of Vermont. A catalyst by nature, my personal and professional commitments have consistently centered the growth and success of people from historically marginalized communities. Relationship building and utilizing education as a tool for liberation are important values in my work as I amplify educational equity and justice for BIPOC community college transfer students.
    As the inaugural Associate Director of Transfer Partnerships I work collaboratively with Community College partners, and UCSC offices such as HSI Initiatives, Admissions, and Resource Centers to strengthen and improve processes BIPOC transfer students navigate from the time they apply to UCSC through their transition, attendance, and graduation. My overall goal is to work with other institutional representatives to enhance the transfer experience.
    One thing I love about being a part of the STARRS family is the passion and commitment we bring to our work of service. We are a community of listeners, game-changers, and learners who desire to be a part of each other's growth. We welcome you to visit us at Kresge College to connect about your journey at UCSC - especially if something is hindering your ability to succeed in any capacity; or swing by to say hello, grab a snack, and be in community!


    Contact Me:
    Phone: 831-459-5886
    Office Location: Bay Tree, 2nd Floor. Office 209

  • DeShonne

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    DeShonne Keller

    Administrative Specialist
    My name is DeShonne Keller, and I'm the STARRS Administrative Specialist. In this role, I provide financial management, processing, and analysis; oversee physical spaces; coordinate communications; and assist with Human Resource management within our unit. I worked at Kresge College as the College Assistant for six and a half years, supporting the Advising staff. I assisted with prior administrative, academic, and office management experience. I graduated from Cabrillo College in 2020 with two degrees from the Liberal Arts and Sciences Department: Associates in Arts and Associates Sciences. I transferred to UCSC as a Transfer Student in January 2021 and currently majoring in CRES-Critical Race & Ethnic Studies. As a full-time employee and student, I will continue gaining knowledge and sharing my experiences within the Transfer community.
    Contact Me:
    Phone: 831-502-7077
    Office Location: Bay Tree, 2nd Floor. Office 208

  • Francia

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    Francia Cruz Silva

    Cultivamos Excelencia Program Coordinator

    Hola! My name is Francia Cruz Silva, I am a proud undocuqueer, womxn of color and my pronouns are she/they. I was born in Toluca Mexico, but was raised in Los Angeles, CA. I transferred from East Los Angeles College where I completed my Associates degree in Sociology to UCSC in 2018. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at the end of spring 2020. During my time at UCSC, I had the opportunity to serve as a peer advisor and later as the Lead Transition Mentor for the STARRS community. Being part of the transformative work TMP does encourages me to continue advocating for the needs of transfer and re-entry students and finding resources available to them.
    Currently, I have the pleasure of serving as the Cultivamos Excelencia program coordinator where I have the opportunity to work directly with local community colleges to bridge the gap between the community college and the university. 
    Contact Me:
    Phone: 831-459-2552
    Office Location: Bay Tree, 2nd Floor. Office 218

  • Jerry

  • Jerry Cabilatazan

    Veteran Resource Center Program Coordinator

    Jerry Cabilatazan is a first generation American Filipino and a disabled United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran. During his time in service, he has spent two years with 2nd battalion 1st Marine Division and two years with 2nd Battalion 5th Marine Division. During his time within the Marine Corps, he deployed twice to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Following his separation from active duty, as a student he has supported various Veteran Resource centers as an Administrative Assistant for Veteran within the Peralta community college district, Chabot-Los Positas community college district, and the Oakland Veteran Center from 2012-2020. From 2020-2022 Jerry has successfully served as San Francisco State Universities Program Coordinator, School Certifying official, VA Site Supervisor, and as the Veterans Educational and Support Club Advisor. As the Veteran Resource Program Coordinator within STARRS our goal is to support our veterans, active-duty members, military spouses, and their dependents achieve their goals through higher academia. 

    Contact Me:
    Phone: 831-502-7240
    Office Location: Bay Tree, 2nd Floor. Office 217

  • Alexis

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    Alexis Artiles

    Renaissance Scholars Case Manager
    My name is Alexis Artiles (she/they) and I am the Renaissance Scholars Case Manager at STARRS. I was born in Chicago but grew up in Miami, Florida and a proud mama of an incredible son. I am a former slug, transferring to UCSC from Evergreen Valley College in San Jose back in 2019 and graduated with a BA in Psychology and a BS in Cognitive Science. I am now pursuing my MA in Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University and working toward obtaining my license in Marriage and Family Therapy. As a former Renaissance Scholar, STARRS had a huge impact on my life when I was a student, making me feel welcomed, seen, and supported. I am honored to continue my passion with STARRS and the Renaissance Scholars community by supporting students from a variety of different backgrounds and ensuring they also have the tools and support they need to achieve their dreams. If you see me around, don't be afraid to say whaddup! 
    Contact Me:
    Phone: 831-459-4063
    Office Location: Bay Tree, 2nd Floor. Office 213

  • Isaiah

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    Isaiah Luzon

    Hope Scholars Program Coordinator

    Hey there! My name is Isaiah Cruz Luzon (him,we), fulfilling my role as the Hope Scholars Program Coordinator. Was born in the 559, grew up in the 760, and finished my education and started my family in the 831. I am bi-cultural Mexican and Filipino by birth, and have become multicultural by choice. I feel extremely connected and compelled to the work that I do and the folks that I serve, as I also identify with these folks that shine resilience through struggle.
    My lived experiences, Sociology studies at MiraCosta College and CSU Monterey Bay, and professional roles and opportunities have all fueled my fire and passion to be there in support and guidance for those from disadvantaged and system impacted backgrounds. I have experience working within early childhood education, city recreation/sports programming and facilitation, case management/mental health counseling/drop in day services for current/former youth in the Foster Care system, Juvenile Justice system, experiencing homelessness, and victims of crime. 
    I am beyond excited and grateful for this opportunity and journey to make amazing things happen in our student communities! LET'S GO SLUGS!
    Contact Me:
    Phone: 831-459-4792
    Office Location: Bay Tree, 2nd Floor. Office 215

  • Jessica

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    Jessica Parra Moya

    Transition Mentor Program Coordinator  

    Hola! My name is Jessica Parra Moya (she/her/hers) and I am thrilled to serve as the TMP Program Coordinator. I am originally from Autlán, Jalisco, México and moved to the United States in 2005. I am a DACAmented Undocumented Immigrant. I lived in the San Bernardino County area until 2016 when I transferred to UCSC from San Bernardino Valley Community College. I graduated UCSC in 2019 with a double major in Literature and Feminist Studies and a minor in Legal Studies. As a student at UCSC, I held several internships, one being the peer advisor position at STARRS before it became the Transition Mentor Program. My main focus is access to higher education for underserved and at-promised communities. It is something I have worked hard for as a student and now as a staff member at UCSC. I began my professional journey at UCSC as the Student Life Assistant for Rachel Carson College in 2019 until May of 2022. I then transferred to another department at UCSC to work as the College Scholars Program Coordinator. Now, I am here! 
    My passion for access to education is what brings me to this line of work at STARRS. I want to make sure transfer students from all walks of life have the support they need to succeed in their Higher Education journeys. As a former transfer student myself who benefited from STARRS and supported STARRS as a STARRS peer advisor, I know the impact this unit has on our students and the potential for growth there is, which is what drew me to the position.  
    Contact Me:
    Phone: 831-502-1445
    Office Location: Bay Tree, 2nd Floor. Office 218

  • Sammy

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    Samuel Chavez

    Underground Scholars Outreach Specialist

    Hello, my name is Samuel Chavez. I am a formerly incarcerated, first-generation UCSC student and current UCSC employee. I was born and raised on the Central Coast. I currently serve as the Outreach Specialist for the Underground Scholars Program. I am an advocate for social justice and have a deep commitment and passion for supporting formerly incarcerated students. I am dedicated and eager to contribute positively to the community. My advocacy work is centered around fostering inclusivity and creating opportunities for students to break down barriers while helping them embrace the transformative power of education.


    Contact Me:
    Office Location: Bay Tree, 2nd Floor. Office 215