VETS= Veteran Education Team Services

Mission Statement

UCSC VETS looks to provide support, learn with, and learn from all who have served or been affiliated with the military through their educational journey, from prospective student to graduation and beyond.  Our staff and students will educate, advocate, and engage the campus and community, valuing social responsibility and the sacrifice of all who have served.


Veterans are one of our nation and state’s greatest resources.  Veterans have addressed the world’s most critical challenges and will continue to be at the forefront of that change.  UCSC will set the example of transforming warriors to accomplish missions beyond the battlefield with the same integrity and selflessness that characterize their service.

Veterans represent every diverse aspect of our state’s population and have addressed every kind of adversity with continued determination and dignity.  UCSC is committed to serving them and to provide them the tools they need to continue to give back to others in their community and the world.


Veterans Resource Center Location