Survival Guide

Our Transfer Success Kit contains recommended strategies to strengthen and streamline your transfer pathway from a California community college to UC Santa Cruz.

    Transfer On-Ramp

    You have already had valuable exposure to the college experience, and now is the time to get adjusted to UCSC and “hit the ground running!" 

  • Housing

    There are numerous housing options for transfer students at UC Santa Cruz

  • Financial Aid

    Best practices and information on Financial Aid and Scholarships. FAQ's on important topics to help you with your academic journey; applying for Financial Aid, Steps to Recieve Aid, Summer Session, Study Abroad, Minimum Enrollment, Part Time and much more.

  • Transfer Success Class

    Provides first-quarter, community college transfers with an understanding of the workings of a research university with an emphasis on advanced academic expectations. Offered only during the summer, as part of the Transfer Edge program

  • STARS Student Budget

    Financial tool to help assist you with creating a personal budget, with your income and expenses. Evalute how much money you have each quarter by reviewing your Financial AId, income earned, family contrubutions, as well as quarterly bills and overall expenses.


  • Compilation of campus programs and services that are here to support your success.
  • STARS Counselors

    STARS staff embrace and develop connections and cooperative relationships with colleagues and community partners to create a meaningful and personalized network of support for our students.