Student Parents

Welcome, parenting slugs! 

STARRS is here to support you with whatever it is you might need assistance with, be it resources, referrals, or support.  We try to work with a variety of different on campus and off campus resources, to try to ensure that you and your families are as supported as you can be throughout your time here.

Through STARRS at UCSC, we offer:

*A quarterly ‘Student Parent & Dependent Meal Plan’ (funded by STARRS, Blum Center, SFAC/Dean of Students, and ODEI).
*Various different scholarship opportunities for expenses like child care, books, supplies, summer school tuition, etc.  
*Special internship opportunities! Have the opportunity to work on a project related to the student parent experience, and get course credit for it,
*General ucsc advising and referral via staff coordinator  
*Priority registration is available for students with dependents under the age of 18! To sign up, please enroll via the following google form:

To learn more about the services above, please contact for more information.  

Here is more campus & community information on:

Check out the ‘Student As Parents’ website, hosted by the Division of Student Success


Check out this amazing resource guide that was compiled by some incredible UCSC students leaders! Shoutout to Rakshya Sharma, Esme Garcia Martinez, Cecilia Valadez and Victor Acevedo! Click here to access guide


Student Parent Resource guide:

Student Parent Org @ UCSC

Are you looking to be part of a vibrant community while advocating for student parent accessibility? Join the Student Parent Organization (SPO) at UCSC!  

Being involved in the SPO is an excellent way to foster connections, build community, and ensure that student parent issues are brought forth to the table. Whether you are a student parent yourself or simply passionate about supporting student parents, there is a place for you in our organization.

To learn more and get involved, feel free to reach out to us via email at or visit our social media pages @ucsc_spo. Let's work together to make student parent resources more accessible and inclusive for everyone -- join SPO today!