17 Oct 14

Next Upcoming General Meeting

Thank you everyone for coming out last night!  We had a great time meeting new faces and getting to know everyone.  I hope you all enjoyed it.  For our next upcoming event, we're going to have a planning/brainstorming session here at the Veterans Resource Center. We need all of you to come out and attend so we can plan more awesome events.  We're also looking to rennovate the Veterans Resource Center, so if you have any ideas of what to get then come out here!  This place is for you guys so tell us what you want!

Veterans Planning Meeting

At the Veterans Resource Center

Starting at 1700 on 23 October (Thursday)


  • 8 Oct 14

    UCSC Annual Veteran's Meet and Greet

    Hey everyone!  As you may have already heard, we are once again hosting our annual Veteran's Meet and Greet in the VETS Resource Center at the Kresge Piazetta.  Come out and meet your fellow student veterans, veteran school staff and veteran supporters.  Meet our new Veteran's Services Coordinator, Beth Stannish.  Come hear about upcoming events and potential activities.  As always, free food and drink will be available during the event!  So come out, ask questions, get answers and get involved.

    When:  16 October / Time:  1700 - 1900


    In the Veterans Resource Center (Formerly the VETS Lounge)

    Located at the Kresge Piazetta.  Across from the STARS office.




  • 30 Sep 14

    As the heading states, welcome back everyone!  To our new veterans, welcome aboard!  Classes kick off once more this Thursday, so I hope you all had a great and relaxing summer.  As opening news, I would like to welcome Ms. Beth Stanish as our new VETS Coordinator!  As an Army reservist herself, shes bring a plethora of valuable knowledge to the UCSC staff.  Look forward to seeing more events this year with her at the helm!  Speaking of events we will be participating at the OPERS fall festival this year.   We will be sitting a table with the STARS group, so look for us there!  Lastly, we have an upcoming veteran meet and greet this October on the 16th.  As we flesh out the details we will post updates on the meet and greet on the website.  Hope to see you all out there and have a great start to the school year!


  • 13 Jun 2014


    As stated.  Congratulations to our newly minted Veteran Graduates!  It’s sad to see you all depart but I’m sure you're all off to even greater things.  For our continuing vets, FINALS ARE FINALLY OVER!  Have a great summer vacation and have fun out there!  Remember stay safe and always bring a liberty buddy.  Okay maybe not a liberty buddy but I’m sure you all know the gist.  For our incoming veterans, we look forward to see you all here in the fall!  If you want information on the campus or even possibly a tour during the summer, let us know!  For good contacts during the summer, I am available at and our awesome Ms. Claudia Parish (Our veteran S.T.A.R.S Rep.) is available at

    Have a great summer everyone!