Women in the Veteran and Military Community

I hope to start some programming specifically for women in our community this year. If you'd like to participate in planning, have resources to contribute, or thoughts please contact us to discuss. understand this can be a difficult issue, and while I'm extremely proud of my veteran status and service in the Marine Corps, I fully understand I might not be the best person to take on this particular challenge. As a proud Marine I also understand that no one needs to fight these battles and challenges alone. I look forward to hearing form any and all of you on what we can do. 

In the meantime, please know my Peer Mentors and I are comitted to serving all members of our veteran community.  You also are STARS students and can utilize all of STARS services and advising as well.  We have relationships across campus and can direct you to veteran serving resources across campus and in the community as well.  I'll slowly build out resources on this page as well.  Again, like anything else we do for vetreans I can't do this alone.  Please reach out if you are interested in helping.

-Brian, Program Coordinator