Welcome Prospective Students!

If you are considering transfer admissions to UCSC we would like to congratulate you on the academic achievements that have brought you to this point. We encourage you to explore UCSC and our academic offerings before making your admissions decisions.

UCSC is a world-class research and teaching university featuring interdisciplinary learning and a distinctive residential college system. From building more efficient solar cells to developing an artificial retina to restore sight, UC Santa Cruz's focus is on improving our planet and the lives of all its inhabitants. Within our extraordinary educational community, students, faculty, and staff create new knowledge, new technologies, and new ways of expressing and understanding cultures.

UC Santa Cruz offers an innovative, interdisciplinary education with a focus on undergraduate learning. Combining the advantages of a small college setting with the resources of a major research university, UCSC's faculty and researchers often partner with undergraduate students in their labs and research activities, and students often co- publish papers with their professors.

UC Santa Cruz is a distinctive community that inspires its students to achieve their goals, both inside and outside the classroom. The campus offers a myriad of opportunities for student engagement and support, including the 10 residential colleges; over 100 student organizations; sports including NCAA competition, sports clubs, and intramurals; and resources such as the Ethnic Resource Centers and Services for Transfer and Re-entry Students (STARS), just to name a few. The stunning natural beauty of our campus is a compelling backdrop for your educational journey. Our redwood forests, expansive meadows, and breathtaking views of the Monterey Bay are unmatched, while our location is conveniently near important resources for research and internships, such as Silicon Valley and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Our unique campus and its surrounding community nurture students in their studies and personal lives.

Often cited as one of the most beautiful campuses in the world, UC Santa Cruz's physical setting offers a diverse blend of award-winning architecture and a natural environment of redwood forests, scenic ocean views, and open meadows. Visiting UC Santa Cruz is the best way to experience the campus. We invite you to reserve a space on a student-led tour to be introduced to our campus by students like you who have recently made the transition.

Applying to UC Santa Cruz requires completing an online University of California application and submitting it on time per posted deadlines. UCSC is open for new freshmen and transfer students each fall quarter.