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Faculty Connections

These informal STARS sponsored events provide opportunities for students to make connections with faculty and gain insight into how to make the most of their undergraduate education.

Computer Lab

The STARS lounge has a computer lab and is wireless accessible so you can bring your laptop or use our computers to study, check your email, surf the net, or type and print an assignment.

The STARS Lounge provides:

  • a mini computer lab to check your email, surf the net, or type and print an assignment.
  • wireless access to cruznet and eduroam for personal laptop access
  • couches to relax and unwind throughout the day
  • access to a mini refrigerator to store food items for the day
  • access to a microwave to heat up snacks and meals
  • access to a quiet study room
  • access to a group study room (see Staff or a Peer Adviser for booking arrangements)

Group Study Room

You can reserve our group study room which comfortable seats up to six people.  Contact or to make a reservation.


Drop-in writing tutoring is available Tuesdays from 3-6.

Writing and Research Intensive for Transfer Excellence (WRITE)

The WRITE program offers you the opportunity to meet with a peer mentor to enhance your academic writing skills, gain confidence in your writing, and receive assistance in researching your paper. You will work with your peer mentor one-on-one in weekly meetings. If you would like to participate in WRITE, please return this completed form with your class schedule to STARS. For questions, contact Jannet Ceja at or (831) 459-2552.