Renaissance Scholars


Renaissance Scholars Program Vision

The Renaissance Scholars Program fosters leadership and empowers students; we assist them in becoming strong, independent scholars. Our community nurtures an academic and professional meliu, supporting the holistic growth of our students.

Renaissance Scholars Program Mission Statement

The Renaissance Scholars Program is committed to fostering the professional and academic development of our community. In providing financial, personal, and communal support for independent students who have faced significant challenges or hardships, Renaissance Scholars takes a holistic approach to ensure the success and enrichment of our students’ university experience. By equipping our community with knowledge and tools needed to be successful, we enable students to thrive while at our university.

Who We Serve

The Renaissance Program works with independent students who have faced significant challenges and hardships in their lives. Examples of students who may find community with us include, but are not limited to: 

  • Former or Current Foster Youth
  • Students impacted by incarceration or deportation
  • Students With Strainful Relationships  Due to Gender Identity/ Sexual Orientation
  • Orphans
  • Students With Parents/Guardians Struggling With Substance Abuse or Severe Mental Health Illness
  • Formerly Homeless Students
  • Formerly Incarcerated Students
  • Wards of Court
  • Former Runaway Students

If your experiences are not listed, but believe you might be eligible for the Renaissance Program, reach out and email us.

What We Do

  • We provide students with priority enrollment. 
  • We offer emergency scholarships and financial assistance to all eligible students.
  • We provide Renaissance Scholars with peer mentors. 
  • We provide academic, financial and housing assistance
  • We offer off-campus internship opportunities to assist with the professional development where students will gain significant career experience.
  • We have student-led social events, informational workshops, and networking opportunities for Renaissance Scholars throughout the year.
  • Renaissance Scholars have access to a Resource and Study Lounge. 
  • Incoming Transfer and Frosh orientation opportunity

Contact Info:

Liz Moya, Renaissance Scholars Program Coordinator

Phone: (831) 459-4819 


For General Questions or Information: