Renaissance Scholars


Renaissance Scholars Program Vision

The Renaissance Scholars Program fosters leadership and empowers students; we assist them in becoming strong, independent scholars. Our community nurtures an academic and professional meliu, supporting the holistic growth of our students.

Renaissance Scholars Program Mission Statement

The Renaissance Scholars Program is committed to fostering the professional and academic development of our community. In providing financial, personal, and communal support for independent students who have faced significant challenges or hardships, Renaissance Scholars takes a holistic approach to ensure the success and enrichment of our students’ university experience. By equipping our community with knowledge and tools needed to be successful, we enable students to thrive while at our university.

  • Who We Serve

    The Renaissance Program works with independent students who have faced significant challenges and hardships in their lives. Examples of students who may find community with us include, but are not limited to: 

    • Current/Former Foster Youth

    • Homelessness Prior to UCSC

    • Formerly incarcerated and those with incarcerated family members.

    • Toxic, Violent and/or Unsafe Home Environment

    • Ward of the Court

    • Emancipated minor

    • Orphan

      **Description of System Impacted:

      System impacted by mass incarceration, imprisonment, and/or detention in any way, and at any time in your life. This could be you, the student, and/or your family members. Family members may be broadly defined as key support people.

      **Description of Toxic, Violent and/or Unsafe Home Environment:

      Parental figure or guardian inflicts neglect, abandonment, physical abuse, emotional abuse or trauma. They may engage in toxic behaviors related to drug use and alcoholism, and/or severe mental health disorders.

    If your experiences are not listed, but believe you might be eligible for the Renaissance Program, reach out and contact us to connect.

Contact Info:

Liz Moya, Renaissance Scholars Program Coordinator

Phone: (831) 459-4819 


For General Questions or Information: